Being in business for over 20 years, ASC Fashion Global and partners have extensive knowledge of manufacturing and a network of manufactures for every type of textile and apparel product.
Yet, ASC Fashion Global become an investment partner to various woven and knitted garment factory locates mostly in west cost of Turkey where monthly capacities are between 2 to 4 million pieces depending on the design. We welcome both small, medium and mass volume ready-to-wear garment production from anywhere in the world.
We, as ASC Fashion Global, value and support the growth of “Made in Turkey” label and have all our brand collections and orders made in the country. All stages of the clothing manufacturing process are closely monitored by a team of 8, with attention to every small detail, ensuring that highest expectations of quality and consistency are met.
We are dedicated to managing and streamlining every process, to provide a competitive delivery schedule. As brand owner, we know that successful fashion retail business depends on bringing garments to the shop floor on time. We are not only here to grow our business but to assist our customer improve product quality and time efficiency and create a win-win situation for both sides.