Franchising is one of the business models of ASC Fashion Global, where we can establish a long-term relationship with our business partners. Unlike many franchise brands, we offer flexible terms and conditions, in fact, various types of franchising depending of the need of our customer.  
We can franchise the Name of selected Fashion Brands of ours
We can franchise both the Name and the Products of selected Fashion Brands
We can franchise the Garment Design / Single Product of the brand created by our team
We can Franchise our “Department Store Concept” that contains our 15 fashion brands along with sub-brands covers apparel from lingerie to overcoats.   
We can franchise complete Business Format which covers; our retail brand, garment collections, production capacities, marketing services and the entire system of how to operate the business.
As a “franchisor” our primary responsibility will always be to support the operations of our franchisees and to continuously develop and monitor the business systems, products and/or services that have made our business a success.
So, let’s become partners!