“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”  Miuccia Prada
We establish ASC Fashion Global to speak that instant language for everyone in the fashion industry.
Communication through fashion is what we are good at. Therefore, ASC Fashion Global is here to support and grow the business of fashion retailers, wholesalers and any size entrepreneurs in all continental and cities. We combined forces to unite international fabric and fashion professionals digitally and physically at our head office in İstanbul where they can create, collaborate, learn, source, manufacture, pack and celebrate success of seeing “our-made products” in a chain store.
The very first business fundamentals of ASC Group Companies have been established with the principle of putting Construction and Aluminum industry to the center. Subsequently, company’s activity field has widened towards Pulp and Paper and Chemicals industry.
ASC Group decided to extend its business volume to overseas countries and their first merger with a foreign company took place in Jordan under management of ASC Foreign Trade. Soon after the merge, board members added Textile and Fashion business into company’s activity field and started ready wear garment export to various markets.
ASC Foreign Trade Textile Division has opened an office in Italy and set up company’s first designer team who created collections for both fashion market and for company’s online retail brand “Dasmine”. Dasmine was named after the partnership of Yasemin Avcıoğlu and famous Turkish supermodel Deniz Akkaya who also was the advertisement face of the brand.
Rapid growth of global textile and fashion business of ASC Foreign Trade required a separate organization to run and led them to establish ASC Fashion Global to be the most comprehensive source of fashion products for global apparel industry.
ASC Fashion Global, empowered its corporate organization and functioning by bringing in its business associates in Italy and Turkey as profit partner to the company. In short time, this strategy has leveraged up the diversity and the speed of the business outcome yet has significant impact on the fashion creativeness. ASC Fashion Global has accomplished five outerwear and one sportswear collection for retail in 2 years.